Eagle Mill Rebrand

Sam and Sonya Harkness run a luxurious B&B in Huntingdon and invited me to do a rebrand of their business in 2019. I actually met them from getting my springer spaniel puppy from them! I’m not just saying their rooms are gorgeous though – they really are! And they wanted to reflect this in their visual identity. I provided a few different concepts which explored options for their logo, font and colour palette. They also specified that they wanted bespoke drawings of their property and features. So it started with a logo, house illustration, menu and other useful items for guests in the rooms. Each year, assets have grown and in 2021 I was supported by my friend, Kate, who designed and built them a beautiful new website. I provided her with elements she needed including new illustrations to support the lovely content of the site.

Eagle Mill Luxury Rooms logo
Eagle Mill Luxury Rooms Website illustrations
Eagle Mill Luxury Rooms Illustrations – bathtub
Eagle Mill Luxury Rooms Illustrations – laundry
Eagle Mill Luxury Rooms Illustrations – Houghton Mill National Trust