PitPat Life Pawtraits

On 26th March 2019, PitPat Life was launched during London Dog Week. This is a monthly membership plan which rewards healthy, happy dogs and their owners through perks, points and prizes. You can simply buy a PitPat, but if you join the club, you get the PitPat and so much more! It’s the first scheme of its kind, supported by Eukanuba and More Th>n Pet Insurance. It really is a community of dog lovers. As part of the launch event, PitPat invited me to do live illustration and take reservations for more pawtraits. What are these pawtraits? Well, basically it’s one of the prizes as part of the scheme, by me! Together with PitPat, I developed a style for it. As a one-off treat for influencer hounds and hoomans at this event though, you could get a free pawtrait. In the few days that followed, I’d done a total of 18 illustrations. And here they are!