Camcycle contacted me early in the summer 2017, seeking an illustrated “Welcome to Cycling in Cambridge” campaign. Camcycle is a charity in Cambridge which strives for safer, better and more cycling in the Cambridge area. I illustrated and designed a fold-out leaflet which provides information on safer cycling, and it was distributed across the city early in October, targeting freshers at the universities as well as other schools and colleges. It needed to be bright, contemporary to appeal to a young audience, and easy to understand as English isn’t always the first language for the wide audience. The design was applied to the autumn newsletter covers and in the new year I extended the illustrated style across the Reach Ride 2018 campaign. In the summer 2018, I created an animation ready for the new academic year, delivering the leaflet information in a video format which could be shared online across social media.

Camcycle Welcome to Cycling in Cambridge

Camcycle Reach Ride 2018
Save Our Cycles campaign 2021
c2021_Ali Norden_Camcycle_Save Our Cycles_Cambridge_Logo

Welcome to Cycling in Cambridge Animation