Promo materials for veterinary surgeries across the UK


PitPat is a dog activity monitor which communicates with a free app on your mobile. It gives your dog a tailored exercise goal based on their age, weight and breed and tracks their daily activity, letting you know if you hit your goal. I met the Pack at PitPat in the summer of 2017. Work initially involved making some demonstrative animations for the app to show how to use the PitPat. Our working relationship really took off in 2018. I helped create print materials which raised awareness of the product in veterinary surgeries and produced membership cards as well as tags for dogs, which will be launched with PitPat Life in spring 2019. Together we’ve made a box for the PitPat Life package that will be sent out containing the device and other perks, and behind the scenes I’ve designed and animated over 20 badges which are being released on the app throughout 2019 for hitting goals. I’ll share these on another post!

Here, you can see my designs for the PitPat Life postal box, membership cards and dog tag. I’ll admit these are mockups, but hopefully I can get my hands on the printed products and take some shots of the real things! The final version of the postal box was a little different, with a tear strip and tabs to keep the contents in place. The box will nest the PitPat device itself as well as treats, membership card and tag, and sent out to new members.

PitPat Life postal box, membership card and dog tag

App badge preview

Perhaps my biggest technical challenge yet, PitPat approached me with a brief for more than 20 animated badges for use on their PitPat app. These would be rewarded at certain stages in the customer’s journey. I had to provide all as json files, ensuring they worked across different mobile platforms. Any motion designers immersed in After Effects will curl up at the thought of not being able to use Effects. You heard me right! It does have the benefit of keeping things simple and file sizes down for speedier load times. This is just a couple of stills of goal badges in situ, but stay tuned. A button will appear here soon linking to a post dedicated to these animations.