Last year in 2020, a town near me started a community art initiative to brighten up the empty town centre shops. More lockdowns delayed things but vinyls went up in the spring displaying the work of lots of local artists.

It’s been great to see because, to be honest, it’s not something I’d expect in a rural area, let alone a town which experiences deprivation. But one thing that has always been strong here throughout my life and very evident when I’ve been networking and got to know people and businesses, is a sense of community.

It’s great knowing that 70 artists have been brought together, bringing some cheer to residents in the town and surrounding villages, and it says to existing and prospective businesses that whilst high streets are evolving, commerce still plays an important role in Haverhill. As residential and business areas grow, I’m pretty sure I’ll see a positive transformation on the high street in the years ahead.

My artwork shows a simple representation of the Sturmer Arches which people drive through (old railway line) with the rising sun. Tomorrow is a new day and the future will be brighter – it will be ok.